Welder, Fabricator and Pipe Fitter

The need for trained labor is critical in today's world; and every company's success relies on the Manpower agencies it partners with. One of the few Manpower supply companies in the UAE is ours. PACT provides welders, fabricators, and pipe fitters with years of training and expertise who can complete any task for you. Our manpower is professional, responsible and hardworking who put in their best efforts and stick to the deadlines that have been set for their tasks. A few of our Manpower services are listed below:


Our labor supply company in Dubai provides welders that specialize in reading blueprints and drawings and can take or read measurements to plan layout procedures. Based on the requirements, they can select appropriate welding equipment or methods. They set up components for welding according to specifications, like cutting material with powered saws to match measurements. Our welders operate angle grinders to prepare the parts, align components using calipers, rulers, etc., and clamp pieces. They use welding components such as semi-automatic welding equipment in various positions. They repaired machinery and other components by welding pieces and filling gaps. They test and inspect welded surfaces and structures to discover flaws. Equipment maintenance is performed under conditions that do not compromise safety.


Fabricators create a wide range of items using a variety of raw materials, tools, and their own hands. Assembling instructions, verifying that all necessary parts are present, and complying with quality control standards are the major responsibilities of our labour supply company. Reading and understanding product assembly instructions and diagrams is one of Pact Dubai's areas of expertise in attending meetings to design products. Examining the size and features of the goods. Confirming the presence of all the assembly-related parts. Cutting lines are marked on the material. Making certain that each component is properly fitted, aligned, and attached. Confirming the fulfillment of quality control requirements. Keeping a schedule for manufacturing. Evaluating a product's usability problem-solving with products and stress testing. They do product troubleshooting to prevent problems or recalls identifying and submitting product defect reports. Following the assembly-related safety regulations.

Pipe Fitter

A pipefitter is a tradesperson who focuses on setting up, constructing, and fixing piping systems to make sure that commodities are transported securely and leak-free from one location to another.

The pipefitter is typically in charge of making sure that the pipework runs smoothly. He or she must be able to read designs, install pipes correctly, and comprehend the sometimes hazardous nature of the chemicals that the pipes they construct are meant to convey.

Pact manpower examines the work site to look for obstacles and find any weak points. They plan installations or repair operations to stay clear of obstacles. Pipes can be threaded, cut, and bent and a range of pipes, tubes, and fittings are made of metal and other materials. They affix pipes and glue pipes to the buildings. Installing and maintaining pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and machine parts. They check for leaks in the system and increase pressure in the pipe system while monitoring the associated pressure gauge.