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Pact Manpower provided us with a team of experienced electricians. Their workers are skilled and know their craft very well. I would highly recommend their manpower resources for any industrial related project.

Client, Shipping Industry

Trusted Manpower Solutions For Various Industries!

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Manpower Supply

Our staff will make sure you receive the proper level and caliber of labour supply in accordance with your project needs.

  • Steel Fixers
  • Painters
  • Riggers
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Finishing and
Gypsum Carpenters

We have a highly skilled set of gypsum and finishing carpenters with services expanded throughout the UAE.

  • Shuttering Carpenters
  • Finishing/Furniture Carpenters
  • Gypsum Carpenters
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General Helpers support production employees by carrying out less skilled tasks, as well as cleaning tools and workspaces.

  • Warehouse Helpers
  • Mechanical Helpers
  • Loading Unloading Helpers
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Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Manpower

It is difficult to meet demand on time, which is why our Pact Manpower Service is skilled in providing experienced mechanical manpower quickly.

  • Electricians
  • Ductmen
  • Plumbers
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Welder, Fabricator
And Pipe Fitter

Welders, fabricators, and pipe fitters with years of training and expertise are available from PACT Manpower Services.

  • Welders
  • Fabricators
  • Pipe Fitters
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Office Boys
And Girls

Office Boys and girls are an essential component of any company and they play a crucial part in its efficient operation.

  • Office Boys and Girls
  • Tea Boys
  • Janitors
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We Have Worked With All The Major Industry Leaders

Committed To Providing Professional And Experienced Manpower To Build Your Projects!


Commercial Projects Completed

We have played a crucial role in many renowned projects in the UAE and as our region grows, so does our commitment to efficiently power those communities.


Qualified Employees And Workers With Us

We carefully pick each member of our staff from all over the world and ensure that they have the education and experience needed for the job role.


Satisfied Clients Served Across UAE

The main motto of our labour supply company is ‘clients always deserve the best. We are committed to providing top-notch services to every one of our clients.


Years Of Experience
In The Industry

Pact Manpower Supply is one of the leading manpower supply companies in the UAE with a strong track record of providing qualified workers for various sectors in the UAE.