Civil Manpower Supply

We provide a skilled team of manpower supply for civil domain projects. Our staff will make sure you receive the proper level and caliber of labour supply in accordance with your needs. Depending on the needs of the client, we offer a variety of manpower solutions in Dubai. We send a project coordinator to the client's site before beginning any work to fully grasp the nature of the project and the necessary skill sets. This procedure is carried out to provide the personnel supply in accordance with the site's needs, which enables both parties to finish the task properly and without the possibility of disagreements. In order to supply a qualified, skilled, and dependable workforce, we follow strict procedures while screening each applicant.

Knowledge about building, layering tiles, bricks, concrete, construction materials, fundamental tasks, and abilities, are the qualifications of a mason. It is vital for them to coordinate with clients, engineers, and other project partners. They are required to make reports and a list of the tools and materials needed at the project location. While working, they should wear uniforms or protective gear. It is necessary to tell their supervisor or foreman in advance of any absences from work.

The economy of the UAE has always been dominated by the oil and gas sector, but over the last few years, there has been an enormous growth in manpower supply companies in Dubai across various other sectors where construction and civil engineering works play an important role. Even though there is a huge demand currently for manpower supply in the construction industry, it is really tough to get well-skilled manpower. We offer services for both long-term and short-term workforce supply and this is what makes us different from our competitors.

Civil foremen should be able to provide management, engineering, and professional labor staff to the civil construction industry, we have an exceptional track record. We perform services for some of the most reputable and effective civil contractors. With many years of industry expertise, our clientele is well-established and mostly based on recommendations and repeat business.

The manpower agencies in Dubai always have open jobs and require skilled people in the GCC. The UAE is known as a modern city with skyscrapers and increases the opportunities for creating requirements for civil workers. Pact Manpower Supply is one of the leading labour supply companies in Dubai and hires all kinds of civil manpower supply.

We look for certain skills and basic requirements in each employee who wants to work in the UAE. They should have to understand rules and safety policies and be able to work independently to complete the task. They must be physically fit. They should be willing to work 8-10 hours a day. Overtime and holidays depending on the employer and the country. Mason should be willing to work in the hot climate of GCC and should be able to travel as construction sites are always away from places of accommodation.

Masonry is one of the major services provided by the civil manpower supply industry. They should be able to lift heavy bricks. They should be capable of using both light and heavy machinery. Their creativity will help in constructing new designs in the workplace. They should have minimum educational qualifications. An ability to work with less supervision is required. Ability to evaluate and solve the problems of a construction project. Mason was able to add some creative and innovative ideas to Masonry structures. They can destroy or rebuild any building component.

Steel Fixer Supply

The demand for civil construction workers is rising as construction in the UAE is flourishing. In practically all of the UAE's emirates, the construction sector is growing to be one of the largest employment sectors. Although there are many other types of construction workers required in civil construction, are currently in high demand. Manpower Supply Company is renowned for offering qualified and trustworthy construction employees.

We provide all varieties of construction personnel on both a long-term and temporary basis. We can quickly set up some staff for you if you need them for a day in the future.

Among other construction projects, a steel fixer's duties include working on buildings, apartments, housing societies, residences, high-rise dwellings, offices, industries, tunnels, and bridges. Their work necessitates a range of technical drawings; therefore, they must be able to follow engineering diagrams and directions.

Steel erectors, other construction workers, and engineering designers will all work closely with a steel fixer. They will take care of the objects that don't rust in the event that rust covers the steel. They will remove this rust using a wire brush, grinders, and various procedures, including sandblasting, depending on the severity of the rusting.

We guarantee to send qualified steel fixers when you use our services. Each and every candidate is thoroughly screened to assure their dependability and competence. Our team of professionals has years of experience in choosing the best candidates in accordance with your needs. To ensure that you have no trouble managing the workforce, we offer candidates who have the required work experience or work-based qualifications.

Carpenter Worker Supply

A carpenter is a member of the building trade who collaborates with other tradespeople to create, modify, and fix wooden frameworks for a variety of construction tasks. They perform tasks such as flooring, installing windows and doors, interior trim, solid surface, roofing, framing, siding flooring, computer access flooring, wall partitions, office & home furniture systems, staircase making, etc.

Giving structures a lovely appearance is one of a carpenter's duties. They cut, shape, and sand lumber and fiberglass. They are in charge of ensuring that buildings are strong and long-lasting because carpenters lay the foundation for every building. They construct the building's structure as well as the window and door frames. Installing wooden building materials such as rafters, joists, walls, and stud construction, designing and setting up fitted furniture, storage, cabinets, drywall, and insulation.

We supply various types of carpenter manpower from the industry, such as:

Shuttering Carpenters

Shutter carpenters specialize in building shutters or formwork. The formwork was employed to support the weight of the structure or building that was created on top of it. Formwork gives the building structural strength. Concrete and other foundational elements are added. Shuttering is the term for rod-supported wooden or metal plates. Concrete can be poured into molds after the placement of these plates or boards. The concrete will be kept in place by the mold, resulting in a stable, streamlined structure.

Finishing/Furniture Carpenter

A finishing carpenter also referred to as a furniture carpenter, is a person who adds finishing touches to a structure after the main construction is complete. Baseboards, molding, stairs, doors, hardwood flooring, cabinets, and windows are all parts of finishing carpentry. To know where their knowledge is needed, they employ particular instructions & blueprints.

Gypsum Carpenter

Interior walls are constructed using gypsum boards rather than plaster. It is a large, flat board that is used to cover partitions and walls. Gypsum carpenters are those who carry out this work. For your project, we provide qualified Gypsum carpenters on a temporary basis.

Scaffolder Supply

It is a temporary framework used to support incomplete construction projects. On construction sites, they are frequently utilized to gain access to heights and difficult-to-reach regions. It can cause significant injuries and even death if it is not done correctly. Stages are created using it in concert in addition to construction sites. Basic scaffolding components include pipes, tubes, couplers, and boards. Standard materials for tubes are steel or aluminum. Standard, ledger, and transoms are the essential components. Their responsibilities include planning according to the needs of the site and then arranging the essential scaffolding materials to suit the work that constitutes primary scaffolding. The scaffold structure was then fastened to the building. They will have planks placed in them so that workers can stand on them with confidence. After the finishing jobs, the scaffolding must be taken down and removed.

The advantages you can receive from hiring a scaffolder from PACT Manpower Services are:

We help in cost-saving. Making use of our services can lower the price of recruiting staff members and the money spent on pre-employment screenings for them. After all, tests are completed, we offer a workforce that is ready to work.

We provide the necessary training and direction. We offer clients skilled individuals who meet their needs since we are aware of market trends. By providing advice, we adequately equip the employees to do their best. There will be less footwork since we provide employment for both employers and employees, less footwork will be required in the job search for employees and the hiring of prospects.


Rigger refers to a person who specializes in lifting and moving very big objects, frequently with the aid of cranes, derricks, and chain hoists. Before mechanized haulage and cranes, heavy things could be moved using ropes, pulleys, and muscle power. Today, riggers hoist big objects using straps, cables, clamps, and shackles. In order to create and demolish steel structures, riggers help operate machinery that moves huge items like steel plates, bundles of steel roads, drilling towers, platforms, and other heavy construction equipment.

Riggers are crucial on construction sites because they choose which pulleys, booms, braces, and cables are sturdy enough to use in a job. They are aware of the proper places to hoist loads safely and the kinds of hooks, chains, and cables that must be used. They use their hands to signify where the objects are to be placed when the crane operator raises the objects. By assessing the object's size and weight, they are able to identify the most efficient way to lift it. In addition to erecting concrete and structural steel frames, they also check, repair, and maintain rigging equipment


A painter uses brushes, rollers, and spray guns to apply paint on machinery, buildings, bridges, and other structural surfaces. To prepare the surface for painting, they remove old paint, and they blend colors to achieve consistency. Paints are used in the construction of buildings to increase surface durability, increase visual attractiveness, and preserve surfaces from damage caused by weather, termites, and other pests. There are four locations where a painting is necessary. Interior and external walls, wooden and metal surfaces, and the ceiling.

A painter is responsible for a variety of tasks, including applying paint, stain, varnish, enamel, and other finishes on machinery and buildings. They take down wall art, doorknobs, and lamps, among other items. They build ladders and scaffolding so they can work on top of the walls. Painters combine colors and varnish with oil and thinner to get the hues they want. To prepare fresh surfaces such as bare wood, metal, or finish coats, they apply primers and sealants.