General Helpers

General Helpers support production employees by carrying out less skilled tasks, including providing or holding tools or materials, as well as cleaning workspaces and tools. Among other things, responsibilities include transporting supplies to the right places, alerting staff when shipments arrive, loading fixtures, materials, and parts per process standards, and reporting and fixing product flaws.

PACT Manpower is a labour supply company that provides labours who complete work within the anticipated time frames. They have a history of timeliness and attendance. They maintain a tidy workspace in compliance with housekeeping standards. Other tasks are followed as directed by the line leader or the production/quality assurance supervisor.

They can carry out repetitive actions with accuracy, regularity, and rotational direction and focus on quality and have the capacity to pick up new skills and master the use of simple production tools. Strong observational abilities, attention to detail, and the ability to spot mistakes or discrepancies add to their strength.

They communicate effectively with all workers. The employee is in charge of adhering to all corporate policies, procedures, and safety regulations. They help machinists clean their workspaces, milling machines, and tools. Assisting the machine operator according to his or her instructions. Operating different industrial machinery parts. And cleaning the production equipment and work area.

Logistics Helper

A logistics helper works with a company's shipping, transportation, or logistics divisions. In a warehouse facility, they assist in coordinating everyday activities. They might deal with inbound shipments, record inventories, and handle customer service issues. Additionally, this entry-level job assists the warehouse in making sure that goods, components, and materials are properly received and delivered.

The workforce of PACT Manpower is skilled at creating bills for your clients. Publish the bills of lading. Check the inventory data, help put new procedures into place, and assemble reports. As required, lend a hand with additional administrative tasks. The expertise of our labours in this field is making our name distinct compared to other labour supply companies in Dubai.

Warehouse Helper

The task of receiving new inventory and getting outgoing inventory ready for delivery or shipping falls to warehouse helpers. Additionally, they organize and store inventory, load and unload goods utilizing warehouse lift equipment, and keep all storage facilities neat and orderly.

At PACT manpower supply, we offer helpers who prepare orders for delivery or pickup by the schedule (load, pack, label, and ship), as well as accept and process products from the warehouse stock (pick, unload, label, store). They carry out inventory controls and uphold strict quality requirements for inspections. They maximize space for use while maintaining a tidy and secure work environment. Disparities should be reported. Cooperate and communicate with coworkers and superiors. Operate and maintain warehouse machinery and vehicles. They observe best practices for customer service and abide by all applicable laws and regulations.

Loading Unloading Helper

In a warehouse setting, a loader/main unloader's responsibility is to ensure that incoming and exiting cargo is properly managed. A loader or unloader is quite physically demanding.

PACT Manpower as a leading manpower agency in Dubai provides well-trained loading and unloading helpers to perform tasks that ascertain the kind and quantity of commodities that will be received in incoming shipments, They check work orders, compare the contents of incoming shipments to the information on the order, and report any inconsistencies to the supervisor. They place each item you lift and move from delivery vehicles onto a checked pallet one at a time and check each item for standard compliance, and separate non-conforming products. Checked and secured items are delivered to designated storage locations, ensuring they are correctly stacked.

They help warehouse employees locate orders when they are being picked up from storage spaces. They verify the accuracy of all picked-order information, including batch and item numbers. They include details like batch numbers, expiration dates, and destination addresses on labels for departing shipments. They lift and carry products to delivery trucks that are waiting for them, making sure they are loaded and fastened into the vehicles properly and safely. Our experienced workers ensure that all. paperwork is updated and the database has been updated with information on arriving and exiting shipments.

Mechanical Helper

The mechanical assistant helps the male technician with tasks like assisting with vehicle diagnosis, replacing the hose and belt, replacing the oil and tires, and checking the brakes. To manage their material inventory and test drives, they require mechanics with hand tools. Mechanical engineers with high school diplomas and credentials will provide the majority of the support. A mechanic assistant may be in charge of designing, suggesting, and carrying out preventative maintenance procedures such as cleaning, vacuuming, changing filters, and lubricating parts. They may also be in charge of using electrical test equipment to inspect electrical circuits and other related components.

The technician receives aid from our workers with normal maintenance and repairs, such as oil changes, tire and brake inspections, spark plug replacements, and other tasks of a similar kind, as well as electrical systems, such as the battery, starter, and light replacement. They test-drive the automobiles and certify that the repairs are finished. The shop is cleaned, the tools are returned to their proper locations, and maintains a list of all the equipment and spare components. Maintain the vehicle's maintenance and repair logs and do any additional essential tasks as needed while making sure the tools and equipment are in good operating order. Our top-notch services and labour supply have made us the first choice of every company when it comes to hiring a blue-collar workforce.