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Dec, 2023

How To Find Staff That Are The Best Fit For Your Business?

Employees are pillars of any business. Their performance determines your business’s success and failure. Finding employees that are the right fit for your business is not an easy task. Your business needs good employees, but it is not simple as it is to state, the reality of finding the right employees is one of the most strenuous yet unavoidable tasks.

As a leading manpower supply company in Dubai, Pact Manpower services know how to find and hire great employees for your business. We've always succeeded in providing the best staff for businesses because we're a reputable labour supply company with years of experience in this field.

If you are new to the industry or don't have any idea about hiring, finding the right one will not be easy. You should know:

  • How to find them?
  • What tools should you use to find the best ones?
  • What to do and how to make the search process easier?

This article will answer these questions and give you the best and most efficient ways to find the best fit for your business.

Below, take a look at some of the tips and actionable steps that we adopt to find out staffs that are the best fit for businesses.

1. Create an effective job description
A job description will be the first thing a job seeker notices so make sure it reflects your company’s work culture and accurately describes the type of employee you’re seeking. The details mentioned in the job description can affect the quality and quantity of applications you get, so clearly describe the credentials, responsibilities, and skills required for the job. The job description should also give the job applicant an idea of your company's culture, benefits, and distinctive features.

2. Review resume daily
Daily thousands of people post their resumes on different job portals, which means every day offers new opportunities to find talented and right professionals who would fit well for your company or business. Set up a resume alert so you will be notified about job seekers who match your criteria. Then, arrange a schedule to review these new resumes. The sooner you find out about qualified job seekers, the faster you can schedule an interview and hire the right employee.

3. Use social media
Social networking sites are great platforms to inform about open positions. Make sure you're available to respond to inquiries from prospective employees if you're planning to use these platforms for advertising your job positions.

Using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed and Instagram can be a practical and convenient way to find candidates. Social media platforms help to boost your reach in an effective method to get new employees. You can also ask existing employees to share the job openings to increase the chances of finding appropriate candidates.

4. Add a career page to your website
A ‘Careers’ page on your website is a great way to attract enthusiastic job seekers. With a careers page on your website, you’re ensuring aspiring candidates who are already interested in your business view job openings and apply as needed. It’s also a great way to target applicants who follow your company or business on social media and are looking for more details about your company’s career prospects.

Apart from being a great help for applicants, it allows you to further elaborate your business mission, goals, and income. Indeed, it’s the perfect place to inform everyone about the business and the experience and responsibilities you're searching for in candidates.

5. Connect with colleges and universities
Connecting with colleges and universities is another efficient way to get qualified new candidates when considering how to find employees. Attend campus job fairs and speak about your company there. In addition to finding interns, you will also get to select talented students as they will be about to begin their job searches.

Soon-to-be college graduates long for a job even before their graduation so the possibility of getting the right candidates are very high. To determine if they’re the right candidate for your company, consider implementing a paid intern program for them. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate their skills to know if they would be a good fit while offering them the opportunity to see if yours would be a company they’d like to work for long-term.

6. Ask for referrals
If you hire an employee who is a good fit for your business, the chances of them knowing other people who could also be a match are high. Studies show that employees referred by existing workers perform well and stay longer at the company. As a manpower supply company in Dubai Pact Manpower clearly knows this fact and implements this in our hiring strategy so we have enough labour supply to suffice the labour requirement of different businesses.

7. Ask your current employees to circulate
Asking your existing employees to spread information about the job opening is another easy way to find employees for your company. With the help of your employees, you can extend your reach, not just on Facebook or LinkedIn, but also via other channels. It’s as simple as this, “I work at ( company name). We’re looking for a great ( job position) . If you know someone who will be good for this job role, please share my contact info.”

8. Have an online presence
The significance of having a continuous online presence cannot be understated, whether or not you intend to hire staff online. Besides helping you in gaining the trust of your potential clients, having a credible website and social media profiles can also help you stand out among the most suitable job candidates. When improving your business's internet visibility to draw in top talent, consider these suggestions.

9. Choose "great" over "experienced"
Always go for "excellent" rather than "experienced" candidates when hiring. As a business owner, you may have the belief that experience is everything. Unfortunately, this is false. Experienced ones may not be the best fit for your business. Instead of experienced choose talented ones and give them the experience they need. In most cases, a talented employee will be enthusiastic, willing to work, and flexible. The best employees for your company can be found if you hire with those attributes in mind rather than just seeking the most experienced candidates.

10. Look internally
Along with looking for qualified candidates outside your company, think about whether any existing workers want a change or a promotion and might be a good fit. This will be a great idea because you already know this person's skills and expertise, plus as they are familiar with the company, they might not require as much training and background information as a new recruit.

The foundation for a successful business will be built by top employees. To avoid common recruiting errors and to hire the best contact the top labour supply company in Dubai, Pact Manpower services. We ensure to meet all of your specific blue-collar job requirements across all the major sectors with the appropriate manpower and with the least amount of downtime possible.